Are your clients missing out on Government Rebates?

Cockburn Central Property Settlements as received an increased amount of enquiries over the past 8 - 10 weeks from First Home Buyers. What we have noticed is a large number of the people enquiring, had not heard about the REBA Home Buyer's Assistance Account. This grant has been around for many years but has really been overshadowed by the Governments First Home Owner Grant.

The REBA Home Buyer's Assistant Account is an additional grant for buyer's purchasing an established home for $400,000 or under.

For many years where the median house prices exceeded $500,000, there were not too many properties that fitted the criteria, however there has been a drop in prices over the past 4 years and there are now many suburbs that have great properties in the $400,000 and under bracket.

The grant from Home Buyers Assistance Account reimburses some of the incidental expenses incurred in connection with the purchase of a first home in Western Australia. Eligible applicants receive a grant of up to $2,000. What they can claim back are expenses such as Conveyancing Fees, Mortgage Application Fees, Termite Inspection Fees and Registration fees.

To find out more about this grant you can click on the link below OR give our office a call on 9434 5648 and we will walk you through the process.

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